The following transactions have been executed by EnCapital, Inc.

TPS Technologies, Inc.  
Deep Green N.V.
TPS Technologies is a leading U.S.-based, soil remediation company.

Riverside Environmental, Inc. 
Thermo Fluids is the leading liquid resource recovery company in the Intermountain West region of the U.S.

Dempsey Drums Limited
Green Sunrise Holdings Limited
EnCapital represented Green Sunrise Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Thermo TerraTech Inc., in its purchase of Dempsey Drums Limited.  Thermo TerraTech is a provider of environmental and selected other services.

The Reynolds Group is a water and wastewater utility and services company. The company sold its water and wastewater assets to AquaSource, Inc.

PORI International, Inc
PORI designs, installs, operates, and services wastewater treatment systems for large industrial customers, including steel and aluminum manufacturers.

Kalsep, Limited     
Smith & Loveless, Inc.
Kalsep is a specialist company in the water and wastewater sector, and firmly established as a leading supplier of equipment to both municipal water companies and the manufacturing industry. 

North American Environmental Fund

Great Barrington Savings Bank
Krofta, Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers and distributors of dissolved air floatation, sand filtration and oxyozanation technologies used in the separation of liquid and solid waste in the clarification of drinking water and the processing of industrial effluent.