Saturday Special – Financial Summit NYC to Beaches of Puerto Rico

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Saturday Special – Financial Summit NYC to Beaches of Puerto Rico

Welcome to the third ever EN Capital Saturday Special!

If you’re a brand-new subscriber, the Saturday Special is our once a month to once a quarter broadcast where it is our hope to open up a dialogue with you and tell you about all the cool new things EN Capital is doing and all the helpful tools we’ve been using along the way.

This Saturday Special has been a long time coming as we’re incredibly excited to finally tell you that we just opened up a new shop in sunny, picturesque Puerto Rico!

While establishing and opening up the new office Nate has been taking full advantage of island life working on his Spanish and kitesurfing in the morning (please join me in feeling super sorry for him). But between lots of flights to and from CA, it’s not all coconut water and salsa dancing, Nate has been hard at work bringing in new hungry capital sources to a market on the verge of a major hospitality boom and telling anyone and everyone about the incredible opportunity the island provides.

If you haven’t heard about all of the exciting things happening in Puerto Rico and the incredible business incentives, then you definitely need to chat with us about it. Seriously, Puerto Rico should be considered long and hard by people wanting to get into a market ripe with growth.

Secondly, our bags are packed and ready to set off for the Bisnow National Real Estate Finance Summit in NYC on the 24th!

One of the main reasons why we’re excited to be attending other than the fact that it’s one of the best finance summits in the nation is the fact that a friend of EN Capital, Adam Greenfader, is moderating a panel on Puerto Rico. Adam runs AG&T Development (a development company active in Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America), is the head of the Puerto Rico Builders Association and the Chair of the South Florida and Caribbean chapter of the Urban Land Institute.

This panel is set to talk all about Puerto Rican opportunity zones, tax incentives, CDBG and Act 20/22. The panel is filled with experts like Philip Carroll from Royal Palm Companies, Eric Berman of Lifeafar, Emilio Zavala of Puerto Rico Builders Association, and Jorge Montilla of McConnell Valdes.

We’ll be in attendance for this event and hanging out in NYC for a couple more days taking meetings. If you’re attending or just going to be in the area let us know! We’re happy to talk all things CRE finance related from multifam construction to Puerto Rico opportunities to the cannabis deals we’ve financing.

Hit that reply button below and let us know if you’ll be there.

Hope to see you there!

~ EN Capital

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