Need $250M+ In Construction at 85% LTC?

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Need $250M+ In Construction at 85% LTC?

If You Need $250M Or More For Your Construction Project, Then Read On…

EN Capital is working with a giant construction and bridge lender that created an exciting new way to structure your construction project. They have become a one-stop-shop combining Senior + C-PACE which lets you get a loan up to 85% LTC and they are looking for projects $250M+.
Eliminating the need to seek an additional capital source on top of your senior to achieve your full capital stack not only gets rid of a ton of brain damage it also provides you with a competitive edge on pricing. As a result, this rate-tempered loan is not only easy on the wallet, due to the PACE element, but the PACE component is entirely non-recourse (and potentially the senior piece too).As if that wasn’t enough, if your deal is a fit, they can have it financed before the end of 2019!If you’re ready to get started, here’s what they’re looking for:
  • Asset Type: Core CRE
  • Deal Size: $250M – No Max
  • Market: Nationwide, Primary Only
  • Max Combined LTC: 85%
  • Max Combined LTV: 75%
  • Sponsorship:
    • Strong track-record and balance sheet
  • Term:
    • Senior:
      • 24 – 48 Months
    • C-PACE
      • 10 – 30 Years
  • Pricing:
    • Senior
      • 7% – 8.5%
    • C-PACE
      • 5% – 6%
If you have a deal that meets these criteriums, and you want to get it funded before the end of 2019 contact us now or schedule a time directly and let’s start chatting today!

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