Need 80% LTV Up To $75M In 2 Weeks?

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Need 80% LTV Up To $75M In 2 Weeks?

Fast Moving Bridge Lender Closing Loans In 2 Weeks At 80% LTV!

One of the most frustrating parts of working in commercial real estate is the fact that things take 5x longer to get done than you would like.

There’s always some wrench that gets thrown into the cogs of the process. A leading culprit of this time blackhole is usually getting the appraisal (sorry appraisers we know you work hard). Fortunately, EN Capital has started working with a lender that can move lightning fast and doesn’t require an appraisal to close! Plus, they’re extremely bullish on IndustrialHospitality, and they have a huge amount of capital that they need to deploy!

This capital source is a balance sheet lender that is quick to say “yes” or “no” and if they say yes they can close your loan in 2 weeks up to$75M and 80% LTV. They’ll even lend on foreclosures, bankruptcy, flagged and unflagged hotels, and resorts.

If you have an existing asset that is cash flowing and you need a loan quick then we should chat immediately.

Here are their criteria:

Bridge Loan:

  • Deal Size:
    • $10M – $75M
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Rate
    • Starts at 10% & 2 points
  • Term
    • 2 years
      • 1x 12 months
      • With 2x 6-month extensions
  • Negotiable recourse options
  • Geographics
    • Nationwide
      • They’ll also lend in South America, the Caribbean & Europe
  • Asset Types types
    • All types
      • Bullish on Industrial & Hospitality
If you have a deal that meets these criteria then we should talk. Email us at or click here and let’s start chatting today!

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