Good News… CMBS Is Back

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Good News… CMBS Is Back

CMBS Loans Are Back!

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but traditional brick and mortar institutions are still closed. However, we have a major institutional global lender that has informed us that their CMBS financing platform is back online!

When the secondary paper market dried up there were no CMBS loans available anywhere. This group is now able to securitize their paper and is taking the gamble that things are going to turn around in good time so they’re willing to help you with your CMBS financing needs.

If you have a note coming due, had a CMBS loan stall out or you just need a new perm financing solution then keep reading.

They will consider all property types except for hotels and retail, and all markets across the nation including secondary and tertiary. They’re offering rates in the 4% range and 10-years fixed with non-recourse.

This group wants to see deals that fit the following criteria:

  • Deal Sizes:
    • $5M – $1B
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • Rate
    • 4.5%-4.75%
  • Term
    • Up to 10 year fixed
  • Non-Recourse
  • Geographics
    • Primary, secondary, and tertiary markets nationwide
  • Property types
    • All property types EXCEPT: Hotel & Retail

If you have a deal that meets these criteria, then we should talk. Click here or shoot us an email at and let’s get started today! 

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