Longer Term Loans For Cannabis Properties (5-Year+)

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Longer Term Loans For Cannabis Properties (5-Year+)

5-Year Plus Financing For Large Cash-Flowing Cannabis Real Estate

We’ve been contacted recently by a group that we’ve worked with for a while that has told us that they’re looking to provide perm financing for cash-flow generating cannabis real estate.

Everyone else we’re seeing that is active in the cannabis space is providing term lengths of 18 – 36 months max. Varying from group to group this length of the term has stayed relatively consistent across the board. So borrowers such as yourself had nowhere to turn if you wanted something more long term.

Now instead of having to refi out your debt in 1.5 years (which we all know how annoying that is), this lender will provide perm financing with a minimum 5-year term!

They’re looking for large cannabis deals $15M+ (can be a portfolio deal) and prefer working directly with owner/operators instead of investor-owned property.

This source is motivated and looking for a few good deals to close this summer. Take a look at their deal criteria below.

They’re looking for:

  • Deal Sizes:
    • $15M – minimum
  • LTV: 
    • Up to 70%
  • Interest Rate:
    • 10%
  • Term:
    • 5-year minimum
      • Pre-Payment penalties apply
  • Geographics:
    • Nationwide
  • Lender Origination fee:
    • 2pts max
  • Property types:
    • All types
      • MUST be stabilized/cash flowing
  • Flexible recourse

If you have a deal that meets these criteria, then we should talk. Click here or shoot us an email at and let’s get started today! 

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