Some Lenders are On Hold… Others are Still Closing

We are entering what some would call an *ahem* dynamic…credit market.
A bunch of big players have put up their “Back in 5” signs grabbing a chair and a drink while figuring out which way the wind will blow. Can’t blame them; it’s the smart move if you have  both the time and the money.
But what if a borrower doesn’t have neither time nor money?
Luckily, we’ve been hitting the phones like crazy and have groups that are still very actively deploying capital.
They understand that while the economy may be talking about taking a trip to Bali to “find itself,” you still have deals that need to get done. So they’re out there rolling up their sleeves and getting to work. 
Over the next weeks/months we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on what types of capital are still available and what types of deals are actually financeable. For example, here’s a breakdown of one of our preferred bridge lender’s current program:

They’re closing deals that are: 

Loan Types: Acquisition, Refinance, Bridge to stabilization

  • Loan Sizes: $2M – $15M
  • Rates: 8.1% – 11.2%
  • Term: 12 – 36 months
  • Lender Points: 1-3 pts
  • LTV: up to 75%
  • LTC: up to 85%
  • Geographics: Nationwide
  • Recourse: Full PG required
  • Closing Time: 2-4 weeks after signed LOI
  • Property Types: Major food groups BUT multifamily & industrial preferred
If you have a deal that fits the above criteria click here or shoot us an email at and let’s chat today! 

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